Sawdust is a 1997 31’ Eastern JC Sportfisher powered with a Caterpillar 3208 turbo diesel engine that cruises at 17 knots. The vessel is equipped with state of the art electronics, Coastguard approved safety gear, top of the line fishing equipment and a trolling valve. The cockpit is over 10’ wide and easily accommodates a 6 person charter. Sawdust is federally documented, Coastguard approved and fully insured.

Inshore fishing

trophy striped bass, winter flounder, bluefish and black sea bass and an abundant amount of baitfish inhabit the waters surrounding Boston harbor and her islands. Quincy bay, which was once the “flounder capital of the world” has made an incredible comeback from overfishing and pollution. We target flounder in May waiting for the arrival of the stripers in June. We fish for these species through October applying methods such as chunking, live bait and tube/worm trolling.

Ground Fishing

The waters around Boston harbor are renowned for excellent deep sea fishing. Our main targets are cod, haddock and pollock but we will also come across whiting, Atlantic halibut and red fish. We will be fishing the offshore humps and wrecks up to 20 miles out both jigging and bait fishing in water from 180-250 feet. Sawdust will comply with all state regulations regarding ground fishing.

Shark Fishing

E75E7D2E-6C6C-4EFA-862D-78D3074AA1B3The wrecks found around Stellwagon bank marine sanctuary are home to a diverse ecosystem with numerous marine species. We offer full day shark trips that target mako, thresher, porbeagle and blue sharks. Many of the blue sharks we catch range from 100-400 pounds, makos 100-1000 pound range and thresher and porbeagle are 200-400 pound range. We use circle hooks and practice catch and release. We are always on the lookout for the occasional great white shark who may swim up the slick.

Bluefin Tuna

Starting in June and running through late fall we fish for school and giant Bluefin tuna. We troll, chunk or live bait fish for GBT that run over 1,000 pounds. We offer full day and overnight trips to Stellwagon, Cape Cod Bay, East of Chatham and Georges Bank.

Please call with questions: 508-274-7072